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LC Oval Gear Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
Lc series oval gear flowmeter is the main products of our company. Lc oval gear flowmeter is one of the typical displacement meter, used for measurement of pipeline fluid flow under certain pressure. It has a simple structure, reliable use and high accuracy, flow field has no special requirements for import and export of the pipe, the viscosity of the measured medium range and the characteristics of the flow range is very wide. And therefore is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, transportation, food and other industrial and commercial sector of liquid flow detection. Lc series oval gear flowmeter is particularly suited to the measurement of oil fuel.

In order to meet market and customer demands, HeFei JingDa Instrument company, combined with 60 years manufacturing experience, continuous improvement and innovation, introduced in different environmental conditions are suitable for the use of elliptical gear flowmeter products. Far eastone oval gear flowmeter, light-weight oval gear flowmeter, high-temperature type oval gear flowmeter and etc.

Product standards and production license
one,The professional standards of the People's Republic of China:JB/T2942-1999《General technical conditions the liquid volume flowmeter》
two,Enterprise standard《Liquid volume flowmeter》Q/JD2.004-2010
three,Far eastone explosive-proof grade display scene:ExiaⅡCT5,dⅡCT6
four,Measuring instruments production license:AnHui System No 01000018
five,Connecting flange standards:JB/T79~82-1994  GB/T9112-2000

six,Protection grade:transmitter IP65,Speeder、counterIP66。

Product Usage
LC-A type cast iron oval gear flowmeter,widely used in all kinds of oil products and for the measurement of the cast iron material not corrosion liquid medium.
LC-E type cast steel oval gear flowmeter,Used for high pressure, low corrosive medium measurement.
LC-Q type cast iron oval gear flowmeter,The rotor for aluminum alloy, is suitable for low viscosity, low corrosion, such as gasoline, etc.) the measurement of liquid medium.
LC-B、C type stainless steel oval gear flowmeter,Widely used in strong corrosive liquid medium, such as acid, alkali, salt and organic compounds, the measurement of liquid medium.
LC-L type Aluminum alloy oval gear flowmeter,is a small oval gear flowmeter, widely used in low corrosive liquid medium, such as water, such as the measurement of liquid medium.

■Oval gear flowmeter technical parameters
●The major component material and the nominal pressure
Model shell、Front cover、back cover cover board Oval gear axle axle sleeve nominal diameter(MPa)
LC-A cast iron cast iron cast iron stainless steel Oil bronze or rolling bearings 1.6
LC-E cast steel cast iron stainless steel

below DN50  6.3MPa

DN80-100    4.0MPa,6.3MPa

DN150-200   2.5MPa

LC-Q cast iron/cast steel cast iron aluminium alloy graphite 1.6
LC-B、C stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel Graphite or rolling bearings below DN50 2.5MPa;above DN80 1.6MPa

Note:LC-C texture is OCr18nil2Mo2Ti;LC-B texture is 0Cr18Ni9Ti

Annotation type:Flange for sudden surface form under 2.5 MPa;6.3 MPa flange is concave and convex surface form,4.0 MPa flange two forms.The use of special material negotiable.

●Accuracy class:0.5grade,0.2grade
● working temperature:LC-A、LC-Q series (-20℃~+60℃);LC-B、E、Lseries (-41℃~+60℃)
                                        Under the high temperature adjustment, and high temperature heat tube can reach 60 ℃to 200 ℃;

●Far eastone explosive-proof grade display scene:ExiaⅡCT5;dⅡBT5
●Flow range as shown in the table below(unit:m³/h)

Model Nominal diameter(mm) the viscosity of the tested liquid (mPa.s)
0.3~0.6 0.6~2 2~200 200~1000 1000~2000 standard counter
LC-10 10 0.2~0.5 0.15~0.5 0.1`0.5 0.1`0.5 0.05~0.5 0.06~0.3 0.03~0.3 0.03~0.2 BELZ/A
LC-15 15 0.75~1.5 0.5~1.5 0.3~1.5 0.3~1.5 0.15~1.5 0.2~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.07~0.7
LC-20 20 1.5~3 1~3 0.5~3 0.5~3 0.3~3 0.4~2.1 0.2~2.1 0.15~1.5
LC-25 25 3~6 2~6 1~6 1~6 0.6~6 0.8~4.2 0.4~4.2 0.3~3
LC-40 40 7.5~15 5~15 2.5~15 2.5~15 1.5~15 2.1~10.5 1.0~10.5 0.7~7.5
LC-50 50 8~24 8~24 4.8~24 4.8~24 2.4~24 2.4~16.8 1.6~16.8 1.2~12 BELZ/J1/A5
LC-B40、50 40、50 6~20 6~20 4~20 4~20 2~20 2.8~14 1.4~14 1.0~10
LC-65 65 20~40 15~40 8~40 8~40 4~40 5.6~28 2.8~28 2~20
LC-80 80 30~60 20~60 12~60 12~60 6~60 8.4~42 4.2~42 3~30
LC-100 100 50~100 34~100 20~100 20~100 10~100 14~70 6~70 5~50
LC-150 150 95~190 64~190 38~190 38~190 19~190 26.6~133 13.3~133 9.5~95
LC-200 200 170~340 114~340 56~340 56~340 34~340 47.6~238 23.8~238 17~170
Accuracy class   0.5 0.2 0.5 0.2


0.2 0.5 0.5
Note:When the measured liquid viscosity is more than 2000 mpa.S, flowmeter adopts viscous structure, can be used for 20000 mpa.S or higher,
flow range or parameter negotiable.

LC-series other special oval gear flowmeters

● Far eastone oval gear flowmeter overview
Far eastone oval gear flowmeter is composed of ontology and the transmitter, liquid in the pipe flow can be directly converted into flow pulse signal or analog signal output.The flow pulse signal or analog signals and our factory EL series display instrument or other secondary instrument and supporting system, which can realize remote measurement display.Automatic control, record the need of adjustment.

●technical index
1. The level of accuracy: 0.5, 0.2
2. Working temperature: general work in - 20 ~ + 60 ℃)
3. The transmitter type: GF, MF, Ag19
4. The transmitter structure: BGF, FX, LC - 13

Light-weight Oval gear flowmeter overview
Light-weight oval gear flowmeter is mainly in order to reduce flowmeter convenient customer use and research and development of new type flowmeter, divided into new light flowmeter.
(LC – A xx Ⅱseries) and whole aluminum light meter (LC - L, LC - AL series).This series of flowmeter novel design, light weight, unique and beautiful appearance, convenient assembly,High accuracy, large, medium and small flow linear stability, repeatability is good wait for a characteristic.

●Technical index
One, The level of accuracy: 0.5, 0.2
Two, The nominal pressure: 1.6 MPa
Three, The other technical parameters: see LC - A series
Four,Main component materials in the following table

Model shell、front/back cover cover board oval gear axle axle sleeve
LC-L aluminium alloy cast iron、stainless steel aluminium alloyengineering materials、cast iron stainless steel  Oil bronze、Graphite, rolling bearing
LC-AxxⅡ cast iron cast iron aluminium alloy、cast iron Oil bronze、Graphite

LC-U series heat preservation jacket oval gear flowmeter
To facilitate easy to solidification of room temperature, or under a certain temperature condensation, easily crystallized media normal reaction in the pipeline transportation and traffic monitoring, often need to heating system of the pipeline medium, medium melt and heat preservation. But because the oval gear flowmeter installation place is not allowed to pass by steam (purpose is to prevent damage meter), therefore we design oval gear flowmeter with insulation jacket products, which outside the meter shell increase insulation jacket, make has solidified medium melt flow meter, and maintain a certain temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of flowmeter. Oval gear flow meter installed in front of the filter can also adopt the structure of insulation jacket. Heat preservation jacket in and out of the structure, generally according to DN15 caliber flange design, special requirements can also design the user interface. Heat preservation jacket nominal pressure is 0.5 MPa, can also be designed according to customer special requirements.

●LC-D series mechanical quantitative oval gear flowmeter
LC – D type mechanical quantitative oval gear flowmeter (hereinafter referred to as the flowmeter) is a special flow meter, it is composed of oval gear flow meter, reducer and quantitative counter of three parts, can accurately measuring the cumulative amount of the liquid, when the number to the expected value, shut automatically turn on the electric circuit control valve, thus satisfies the requirement of flow metering control.

Volumetric flowmeter series parts and structure form selection reference
●Counter and governor
one,counter: A, A1, J1, Z, A5, A6, M11, M12, S1, BELZ

counter Performance parameters Regular configuration
A Pointer indicating,6-bit wheel accumulation
Pointer indicating,DN10 flowmeter 1L/circle;below DN25 10L/circle;DN40 flowmeter100L/circle
A1 Same as above.Configurable transmitter
J1 Pointer indicating,Six roller accumulation
,unit(L)Configurable transmitter
flowmeters below DN65 100L/circle;flowmeters above DN80 1000L/circle
A5 Six roller accumulation indicator for the cumulant,Configurable transmitter Pointer indicating,DN10 flowmeter 1L/circle;flowmeters below DN25 10L/circle;flowmeters below DN50 100L/circle;DN65、DN80 can be 100L/circle,also can be 1000L/circle;flow meters above DN100 1000L/circle
A6 Double roller instructions,Six roller instructions for cumulants,Four roller accumulation of instructions for a single class,Come back to zero
Z Same as above。Configurable transmitter
M11 Double roller instructions,Seven small roller instructions for cumulants,Five big roller accumulation of instructions for a single class,come back to zero;Flowmeter output shaft and counter display direction of ontology. generally,just configurate flowmeters above DN80,DN80、DN100cumulantx10L,above DN150 cumulantx100L。
M12 Same as above。Only the difference between ontology output shaft and counter display screen is 90 ° direction
S1 Mechanical transient flow indicator display The instantaneous flow values displayed
ELZ Direct-reading electronic display,Can display, single class total amount, the instantaneous flow and single reset. Used in series flow meter
BELZ At the scene of the flameproof counter, display, instantaneous flow, total output pulse analog Used for volumetric flowmeter
BXZ Small flameproof flow display counters, display, instantaneous flow, total output. Used for volumetric flowmeter

3. Volumetric flowmeter configuration is as follows
configuration High total reference size function
A no speeder 78 just used for flowmeters below DN40,Needle roller according to cumulative flow.
A1 no speeder 105 just used for flowmeters below DN40Needle roller according to cumulative flow,Can match GF, MF transmitter.
Z no speeder 74.5(82.5) Used for various types of flowmeter, the double function word wheel back to zero, long word wheel cumulative flow, Pointers and small wheel can be back to zero, DN40 diameter 74.5 mm below, (more than 82.5 mm.)
J1+JT1 129 just used for flowmeters below DN25,Pointer, roller according to cumulative flow, configurable GF, MF transmitter.
A5+Y1 64+56 used for LL type flowmeter,Pointer, accumulation of roller according to traffic.
A5+Y2 64+85.5 used for LL type flowmeterPointer, roller according to cumulative flow, configurable GF, MF transmitter.
A6+Y1 64+56 used for LL type flowmeter,Double word wheel back to zero function, long word wheel cumulative flow, Pointers and small wheel can be back to zero.
A6+Y2 64+85.5 used for LL type flowmeter,Double word wheel back to zero function, long word wheel cumulative flow, Pointers and small wheel can be back to zero, configurable GF, MF transmitter.
A5+G 64+106 used for LL type flowmeter,Needle roller according to the cumulative flow, can match GF, MF
A6+G 64+106 used for LL type flowmeter,Double word wheel back to zero function, long word wheel cumulative flow, Pointers and small wheel can be back to zero, configurable GF, MF transmitter
A5+GT/F 64+67.5 used for LC type flowmeter,Needle roller according to the cumulative flow, can match BGF, BMF
A6+GT/F 64+67.5 used for LC type flowmeter,Double word wheel back to zero function, long word wheel cumulative flow, Pointers and small wheel can be back to zero, configurable GF, MF transmitter
M11+GT/F 150+67.5 Flow meter used in a variety of special requirements,Big word back to zero counter display and input shaft, according to the vertical direction can bring GF, MF
M12+GT/F 150+67.5 For LBJ metal scraper flowmeter, Output shaft of ontology and big word back to zero, the counter display is 90 ° direction, can match GF, MF.
S1transient display 85.5+62 Used in all kinds of more than 50 caliber instantaneous flow meter display
ELZ、BELZ 165(145) See the product introduction.

Four, radiator is just used for high temperature, as the below shown

Note:In the model T for heat flow meter, for 60-120 ℃.
Model in T1 for heat flow meter, for 120-200 ℃, elongated radiator configuration.
Models of T2 for heat flow meter, for 60-120 ℃with transmitter, configuration short radiator.

■Product structure form

Note:one. transmitter     Two.Speeder      three.counter     four.sender unit      five.radiator

■Oval gear flowmeters product mark
type code LC- Oval gear flowmeter
special mark U With insulation jacket structure
G Pipe thread connection
H Welded steel flow meter
P Nuclear power products
PI Nuclear seismic products
special function D Mechanical quantitative flow meter
N High viscosity liquid flow meter
SP Food flowmeter
T1、T2 Thermal zone cooling tube
Q Measuring gas flow meter
Material symbol shell A cast iron flowmeter
B/C stainless steel flowmeter
E cast steel flowmeter
L Aluminum alloy flowmeter
rotor A Rotor for cast iron material
B/C Rotor for stainless steel material
L rotor for aluminum alloy material
Z Rotor for engineering materials
nominal diameter 10、、、、、、200 nominal diameter from 10mm、、、、、、、to 200mm
special requirements S(K) Flange reducing(flaring)
Improved type
nominal pressure .2 nominal pressure  1.6MPa
.3 nominal pressure  2.5MPa
.4 nominal pressure  4.0MPa
.6 nominal pressure  6.3MPa
counter A、A1 used for flowmeter below DN40
A5、J1 used for flowmeter above DN50
BELZ Type electronic digital display counter
A6、Z back to zero counter
BXZ A small digital display counter
sender unit FX Used for LC - 13 filling type flowmeter
GF-Ⅰ 12V Three wire system photoelectric transmitter
GF-Ⅱ 24V Three wire system photoelectric transmitter
MF 4-20mA  Analog output transmitter
accuracy .J High precision flowmeter
Note:one.Oval gear material and shell material phase at the same time, the elliptical gear material can not note.
2.material B-0Cr18Ni9Ti,C-0Cr18Nil2Mo2tI
3.Before the transmitter B, said explosion-proof transmitter.
4.High temperature meter don't need to bring the cooling drum, note the "T" logo can be directly.
5.Our company adopts LC11 to instructions given in the past, LC12 for transmitting product model identification, old customers still can continue to use.
Suggest new customers using new logo.
such as:LC-TE80.3/A6 GF-Ⅱmeans:High temperature type oval gear flowmeter without the cooling tube,Cast steel material,nominal diameter 80mm
nominal pressure 2.5MPa,A6 back to zero counter,24V Photoelectric pulse transmitter.

Special version

military industry chemical engineering petrochemical engineering shipment American standard Japanese standard