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LS Rotating Piston Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
LS rotating piston flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter. It shares common features as other positive displacement flowmeters, such as high accuracy and reliability, adaptibility to various media, endurance of high temperature and pressure. It is especially suitable for measurement of high viscosity liquid. With simple structure, the measuring parts are easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning without special tools. The accuracy remains unaffected without adjustment after reassembling. Local display and distant transmission types are both available. The distant transmission type sends out signal to a distant location.

Exquisite brand rotary piston flowmeter, combined with market demand and customer feedback, through continuous improvement and innovation, measurement range, high precision, reliable work and so on. For the measurement of different media, our company rotating piston flowmeter corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the two materials structure. Stainless steel rotary piston flowmeter strong corrosion resistance, mainly for a strong corrosive liquid medium measurement; corrosion-resistant rotary piston flowmeter can only measure non-corrosive liquid media, such as heavy oil or other petroleum products.

■ Rotary piston flowmeter measurement characteristics
One. Piston to achieve rotary motion, wear a very small (generally maintenance-free)
Two. Small size, light weight, removable and portable time-saving.
Three. Piston cavity running space, medium particles can be self-discharge.
Four. Counter with liquid crystal display, can display the instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, single-class cumulative flow.
Five. Signal output: 4-20mA or 1-5VDC analog.

■ How it works
The working principle of the rotary piston flowmeter As shown in the figure below, when the measured liquid enters the meter metering chamber from the inlet end, a pressure difference at the inlet and outlet ends forces the piston to rotate in the direction shown by the arrow in the figure as shown in Figure (a) As the liquid continues to flow, the rotating piston moves to the position shown in Figure (b) to form a crescent-shaped cavity V1. The piston continues to rotate under differential pressure, resulting in a closed crescent-shaped cross- (C); when the piston to the position shown in Figure (d), and the formation of a closed crescent-shaped section V2, and then continue to rotate V2 and outlet end connected and drained, That is, the piston back to (a) shown in the position, so that the piston a week to discharge the liquid V1 + V2, through the coupling and the counter can be accurately measured flow through the flow meter.


■ Technical parameters
One. nominal diameter(mm):DN10、DN15、DN25、DN32、DN50、DN80、
Two. accuracy class:grade 0.5,grade 0.3,grade 0.2

Three. maximum working pressure(MPa):1.6、2.5、4.0
Four. Flow range as shown in the table below(m³/h):
DN10 0.15-1.5 DN15 0.3-3.0
DN25 0.6-6.0 DN40 1.6-16.0
DN50 3.0-30.0 DN80 6.0-60.0

Five. temperature range(℃):-10~60,-10~280(With the cooling tube)
Six. Medium viscosity(mPa.s):1-3000
Seven.Pipe connecting flange:GB9113.4-2000
Eight. Materials series: series of cast steel, stainless steel series
Nine.The method for computing the flowmeter:LS-B50.2/ELZ
Note:This flowmeter is rotary piston flow meter, the stainless steel material, nominal diameter of 50 mm. Nominal pressure 1.6 MPa, ELZ is counter code.