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LZ Metal Tube Float Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
Lz series of metal tube float flowmeter, also known as metal rotor flowmeter, in foreign countries generally referred to as: variable area flow meter. Metal tube float flowmeter is a kind of variable area type flowmeter, the main part is a circular tube with a standard orifice and a conical float. When an upward fluid passes through an upright cylindrical cavity, Shaped buoy will float upwards and the buoyancy force on the float for a position is in equilibrium with the weight of the float, where the position of the float represents the instantaneous flow and passes through the magnet in the float and the indicator Of the magnet coupling coupling to the indicator, so that the pointer rotation, the cam board so that the pointer linearly indicate the size of its flow value. The measuring tube and the float can be made of a variety of non-permeable materials.

Metal tube float flowmeter is second only to differential pressure flow meter application of the widest range of a class of flowmeter, especially in small, micro-flow has a pivotal role. At present there is a glass tube float flow meter, this flow meter structure is simple, low price, the advantage was significantly smaller than the metal tube float flowmeter. Metal tube float flowmeter without spinal rupture risk, the use of temperature and pressure range.

■ Product type
LZ   metal tube float flowmeter
Indicator form -Ⅰ Indicator form(long)
-Ⅱ Indicator form(square)
function /Z Pointer on-site instructions, may not note
/DK K5W1-1 Angular displacement telemetry
/DE ESK Teleportics
/DEH Far from the HART protocol
/DEX Field cumulative digital display, for 24VDC
/DEXD Scene cumulative digital display, built-in lithium battery
structure type   basical type
/T Jacket type
/F Lining type
/H Side mount type
/S Horizontal installation type
anti-explosion   not require
/EX intrinsic safety type
nominal diameter(mm)


nominal diameter from DN15-DN150 Choose one
nominal pressure(MPa) 1.6     2.5   4.0 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa
Wetted material   304,316,316L,PVC,PTFE etc.
maximum flow   Liquid m³/h;gas Nm³/h
give a typical example LZ-Ⅱ/DE/F/EX/50/1.6/PTFE/180 metal tube float flowmeter with Ⅱtype header,EXK Electric remote explosion-proof lining PTFE,DN50,pressure 1.6MPa,Maximum gas flow 180Nm³/h.

■Technical Parameters
One. range of measurement:water(20℃) 2.5-51500L/h;air(20℃  0.1013MPa)0.07-4000Nm³/h
Two. Range ratio 10:1 Special specifications can be selected.
Three. Accuracy: Standard 2.5, Special 1.5
Four. working pressure:1.6MPa,2.5MPa,4.0MPa,6.3MPa(pressure above 6.3MPa   Negotiable)
Five. Medium temperature: -40 ℃~ 300 ℃(fluorine plastic lining -10 ~ +80 ℃)
Six. environment temperature:-20~+60℃
Seven. Medium viscosity:DN15<5mPa.s(5cP) DN25-DN150<250mPa.s(250cP)
Eight. Electric remote transmission signal: 2-wire 4-20mA
Nine. Electric transmission performance: power supply voltage 24VDC ± 10%; power consumption ≈ 25mW load resistance: 0-10mADC 0-1KΩ
                        4-20mADC   250-350Ω     Wiring cable:RVVP3x28/0.15
Ten. hazardous rating:ExibⅡCT5  With safety barrier LB906,Special match KN9704C
Eleven. Connection: Flange connection (special as required)
Twelve. Wiring mouth size:M20x1.5
thirteen. Instrument total height:250mm(Special as required)

■Ordering instructions
One.   Instrument type and specifications (flow range)
           Note: If the use of fluid is not water or non-standard state of the air and other gases, please convert after the proposed.
Two.   Measured media name: maximum flow, common flow, minimum flow and working pressure.
          (Marked with gauge pressure or absolute pressure) Temperature, medium density, viscosity, corrosion and so on.
Three. The factory flow meter can be based on the density of the user made the scale correction.
Four.   Use pipe diameter and nominal pressure.
Five.   Propose the lot number, station number to be printed.
Six.    Special orders need to specify the special requirements (such as flange connection requirements, jacket type, etc.)