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LWGY Liquid Turbine Flow Sensor

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■Product Introduction
The Exquisite Liquid Turbine Flowmeter is a speed flow meter that measures the volume flow of a clean liquid that is filled with a lower viscosity continuously flowing through a closed circular pipe. The sensor outputs a pulse signal proportional to the volume of the liquid, which is used in conjunction with the corresponding flow totalizer and can be used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the liquid and to control it. Liquid turbine flowmeter can measure high-precision flow metering of water, high water, crude oil, oily wastewater, diesel, gasoline, light oil. According to user needs can be installed in the turbine flowmeter turbine flow sensor to achieve different functions: the standard current pulse output, the standard analog current output, fluid cumulative flow display, instantaneous flow display.

■ How it works
When the measured liquid flows through the sensor, the fluid impinges on the impeller blades, so that the impeller rotates and the impeller rotates periodically to change the magnetoresistance in the magnetic induction conversion system so that the magnetic flux through the coil changes periodically, Induction of electrical pulse signal. In a certain flow range, the impeller speed and fluid is proportional to, that is, the number of electric pulses and flow is proportional. The pulse signal is amplified by the amplifier and sent to the secondary meter for the flow and the total display or integral.

■ Basic structure
The basic structure of the sensor is mainly composed of shell, front guide frame, shaft, impeller, rear guide frame and amplifier with magnetoelectric induction converter. The front and rear guide frames are mounted in the housing and the shaft is mounted on the guide frame with a plurality of radially wound rectifiers which flow substantially in parallel to the axis when the fluid flows. The front and rear guide frames are fixed to the housing by the compression ring, and the blades are evenly distributed, and the impeller is rotated when the fluid flows through the impeller.

■ Main technical parameters

One. Flow meter specifications, basic parameters and performance indicators
type specification nominal diameter(mm) flow range(m³/h) nominal pressure(MPa) max pressure loss
boundary dimension
L connection type
LWGY-10 10 0.4-1 0.2-1.2 6.3 50 55

pipe thread G1/2〞

LWGY-15 15 0.6-4 0.6-6 6.3 35 75 pipe thread G1〞
LWGY-25 25 1.6-10 1-10 6.3 35 100

pipe thread G1 1/4〞

LWGY-40 40 3-20 2-20



25 140

flange JB/T81-94


LWGY-50 50 6-40 4-40 150
LWGY-80 80 16-100 10-100 200
LWGY-100 100 25-160 20-200 220
LWGY-150 150 50-300 40-400 300
LWGY-200 200 100-600 80-800 360
LWGY-250 250 160-1000 120-1200 1.6 400
Accuracy class ±0.5% ±1.0%      

LWGY type liquid turbine flow meter according to whether the scene shows flow and type of the output signal is divided into the following several types.
■On-site display of the main technical indicators

One. Cumulative Display Digits: 8 significant digits in m³ or L.
Two. Instantaneous Scaling: Five significant digits in m³ / h or L / h.
Three. Power supply: +12 or + 24VDC ± 5%
Four. Remote output signal: pulse voltage square wave VL ≤ 1V; VH ≥ power supply -2V (load impedance 10KΩ) (three-wire system)
         Analog current 4-20mA (three-wire)
Five. Output nozzle size: M20x1.5
Six.  Use the ambient temperature: -10 ~ +60 (℃)

■Direct remote output type pulse output main technical indicators
One. Output signal: rectangular square wave VL ≤ 1V; VH ≥ power supply -2V (load impedance 10KΩ) (three-wire system)
Two. Supply voltage: +12 or + 24VDC ± 5% (three-wire)
Three. Flameproof mark: Exd ⅡBT6
Four. Use the ambient temperature: -10 ~ +50 (℃)
Five. Output nozzle size: M20x1.5

■Current analog output main technical indicators
One.  Power supply: +12 or + 24VDC ± 5%
Two.  Analog current: 4-20mA three-wire system
Three. Use the ambient temperature: -10 ~ +50 (℃)
Four.  Explosion-proof mark: Exd ⅡBT6
Five.  Output nozzle size: M20x1.5

■Liquid Turbine Flowmeter Product Identification
Product code LWGY liquid turbine flowmeter
-   Connection between the models
nominal diameter(mm) 10......250 nominal diameter from 250mm
nominal pressure(MPa) .2 nominal pressure 1.6MPa
.3 nominal pressure 2.5MPa
.4 nominal pressure 4.0MPa
/   Diagonal row separation dot
Conversion function T Normal pulse output amplifier
B Flameproof pulse output amplifier
Bg Flameproof pulse output amplifier (high temperature)
BF1 Flameproof converter output current
BSX Type flameproof digital dual display converter
-   Connection between the models

Power supply 12V Power supply
24V Power supply

Give an example:LWGY-80/M/C/P/F/B3   liquid turbine flowmeter、DN80、flanged joint、The default compression level
1.6MPa,Impeller material 2Cr13,Have outside DC24V power supply, display, explosion-proof, 4-20 ma output