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LPG-X Gas Eliminating Strainer

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■Product Introduction
LPG-X-type getter filter as a flow measurement of auxiliary equipment, the main role is used to filter the liquid contained in the liquid impurities, and can be separated and excluded a small amount of gas in the measured liquid (the general gas content of less than 5%), The In most cases, the measured liquid will be in varying degrees with a variety of impurities and gases. These impurities and gases into the flowmeter will affect the metering accuracy of the flowmeter. Therefore, in the flow metering system, especially in high-precision flow metering system, the getter filter is an indispensable auxiliary equipment.

■Structure and working principle
The getter filter consists of a main part of the shell, the bleed valve, and the filter cartridge. When the liquid enters the gettering filter, it first strikes the partition to disperse the liquid. The gas contained in the liquid rises to the top of the shell along the partition and forms a gas phase space. With the continuous expansion of gas space, the liquid interface continues to decline, the role of the float under the weight of the downward movement and drive the stem movement, open the exhaust port to the gas discharge, the liquid interface and gradually increased, and the float gradually increased and closed Valve exhaust. So repeatedly to achieve the purpose of exhaust. After the liquid-liquid separation of liquid into the filter cartridge, filtered liquid into the flow meter.

■Main technical performance
One. Working pressure (MPa): 1.0,1.6,2.5,4.0,6.3
Two. Implementation of standards: Q / JD2.005-2010
Three. Medium Viscosity (mPa.s): 0.8-20 It is not appropriate to use a getter filter with a volatile medium.
Four. Installation requirements: Please follow the instructions for installation, use and maintenance requirements.
Five. Flange standard: JB / T79-82-1994, GB / T9112-2000 (also according to user needs according to the relevant standard manufacturing)
Six. Abstraction filter specifications are generally DN40 caliber above the flow meter.
Seven. Material requirements: the general use of filters and getter valve combination.
A. Filter: cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel
B. Obesity valve: shell - carbon steel, spool - stainless steel

■Installation requirements

One. The connection of the getter filter to the pipe is flange connection
Two. Abstraction filter should be installed in the relatively small vibration, indoor and outdoor can be.
Three. The installation height of the getter filter can not be lower than the installation height of the meter (as shown below)
Four. In order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, and does not affect the production, continuous operation of the system should be set up by the pipeline.
Five. Piping before installation should be clean, especially the new laying of the pipeline, may use scaly impurities or welding slag and other damage to the filter, making the filter function disappeared.
Six. The direction of flow of liquid in the pipe must be the same as the direction of the arrow shown on the getter filter.
Seven. In order to prevent the gas from the exhaust valve from contaminating the air and the accident, install the hose from the exhaust valve outlet.
Eight. In order to give full play to the exhaust function of the getter filter to ensure that the media in the getter filter cavity enough residence time, the pipeline pump and get off the filter can not be too close, should not be less than 20D.
Nine. In order to extend the life of the getter filter, you can clean the filter, remove the float valve cleaning and refueling.