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VAF Vortex Shedding Flowmeter (Flange Type)

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■Product Introduction
VAF vortex shedding flowmeter (flange type) is designed and manufactured based on the principle of Karman vortex street. A regular set of vortex signals is generated by placing a nonlinear obstruction device in the fluid. The frequency of vortex generation is proportional to the flow rate. By picking the vortex signals via piezoelectric sensors the flow rate is inferred. VAF vortex shedding flowmeter (flange type) is used in measurement of gas, liquid and vapor. The flowmeter conforms with standard Q/JD2.00l一2007, and the flange conforms with national standards GB/T 9119-2000 《Slip-on-welding plate steel pipe flanges with flat face or raised face》and GB/T 9115.1-2000 《Steel pipe welding neck flanges with flat face or raised face》.

There are many models of fine vortex flowmeter, plug-in vortex flowmeter, split vortex flowmeter, flange vortex flowmeter and so on. This section focuses on product knowledge of the Flange Vortex Flowmeter. Flange vortex flowmeter, there is no doubt that the connection with the pipeline using flange connection. VAF Flange Vortex Flowmeter is a flowmeter that uses the Carmen vortex principle and manufactures a flowmeter by placing a non-linear flow splitter in the fluid to produce a regular vortex signal. The frequency of the vortex is proportional to the fluid Of the flow rate is proportional to the piezoelectric sensor through the detection of the vortex signal can know the flow of the fluid. VAF Flange Vortex Flowmeters can be used to measure gas, liquid and steam. Implementation of the standard Q / JD2.00l a 2007, flange in line with national standards GB / T9119-2000 "steel pipe flange" and GB / T9115.1-2000 "flat, convex butt welded steel pipe flange."

■ Measurement characteristics
One.  Large flow range, high measurement accuracy.
Two.  No moving parts, high precision measurement.
Three. The pressure loss is small.
Four.  Easy installation, high accuracy of the heart.

■ Technical parameters
The parameters of the flange vortex flowmeter, pressure loss, flow range and other parameters are the same as those of the VA series vortex flowmeter (see Product Center - Liquid Flowmeter-VA Series Vortex Flowmeter) for details. Please refer to the relevant data of the VA Vortex Flowmeter. Exquisite vortex flowmeter, after years of research and development production, combined with user feedback, has achieved superior performance, if any problems, but also direct contact with manufacturers.

■Dimension table
nominal diameter(mm) L D K Body diameter(φ-d) H
15 200 95 65 14.5 290
20 200 105 75 20 290
25 200 115 85 26.6 290
32 200 140 100 32 290
40 200 150 110 41.2 290
50 200 165 125 52.7 290
65 200 185 145 65 300
80 200 200 160 78.1 310
100 250 235 190 102.3 330
125 250 270 220 125 335
150 300 300 250 151 360
200 300 375 310 199.9 375
250 380 450 370 248.8 395
300 450 515 430 297.9 420
Note: Flange VAF15-VAF80 vortex flowmeter according to international standards GB / T9115.1-2000 "plane, convex surface welded steel pipe flange",
pressure PN2.5MPa standard manufacturing.
Flange VAF100-300 according to GB GB / T9119-2000 "steel pipe flange" pressure PN2.5MPa manufacturing completed.

■ Dimension drawing