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VAS/VAL Inserted Vortex Shedding Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
Inserted vortex shedding flowmeter is designed based on the principle of Karman vortex street. A vortex sensor is inserted at a particular position in the pipe to detect local flow velocity at the spot. The average flow rate in the pipe is calculated according to the cross section velocity distribution. Both fixed type (VAS) and ball valve type (VAL) are available for flow measurement of gas, liquid and vapor.

Exquisite vortex flowmeter with liquid and gas points. Liquid vortex flowmeter As the name suggests is designed for the measurement of liquid media developed a flow meter, can measure industrial water, drainage, high and low temperature liquid; gas-type vortex flowmeter designed to measure a variety of gas media, the main can measure saturated steam , Superheated steam and other gases. Vortex flowmeter frequency detection method can be divided into: stress vortex flowmeter, strain vortex flowmeter, capacitive vortex flowmeter, thermal vortex flowmeter, vibrator, photoelectric ultrasonic vortex Street flow meter and so on. Vortex flowmeter is developing rapidly, is a more common type of flow meter.

The plug-in vortex flowmeter is a flowmeter designed using the Carmen vortex principle. It inserts a vortex probe head into a specific location of the pipeline. It calculates the velocity of the pipeline by measuring the local velocity of the point. Average flow value. According to its structure VAS type (fixed structure) and VAL type (with ball valve structure) plug-in vortex flowmeter, suitable for gas, liquid, steam flow measurement.

■ Product Features
One.  Large flow range, high measurement accuracy.
Two.  The pressure loss is small.
Three. Because there are no moving parts, the measured medium dust and moisture are negligible.
Four.  Especially suitable for large diameter pipe flow calculation.
Five.  To achieve a constant flow rate can be installed, removed, for the user to provide a convenient maintenance work.
Six.  A standard transmitter can be common in a variety of caliber pipes, reducing the number of user standby instruments.

■Nominal meter factor
Nominal diameter





















Nominal meter factor(P/L) 0.4132 0.2571 0.1739 0.09346 0.05291 0.0361 0.02033 0.013 0.00578 0.00324


■Install piping

■ Minimum flow selection
Approximate time, find a recent table D to provide the gas pressure value, up to check the C table corresponding to the diameter value, that is, the minimum flow, for example, air gauge pressure = 4kgf / cm³, temperature 20 ℃, diameter 300mm, check C table was Qmin1750m ³ / h. Accurate timing, the need to look up the table or calculate the gas density, in the C table between the value of 2 can be calculated in proportion. Pressure unit conversion, 1kgf / ㎡= 0.0981Mpa.

■Saturated steam flow range (E table)

■ Superheated steam
Saturated steam parameters are multiplied by the correction coefficient of the following figure to obtain the maximum flow and minimum flow rate for measuring superheated steam.
For example: the actual caliber 477.8mm, pressure Kgf / ㎡, the temperature is 160 ℃, superheated steam flow range.
Qmin = 9.38t / h, Qmax = 39.7t / h when we find 500mm from E table, a = 0.93, b = 0.9
The minimum flow rate Qmin = 9.38x0.93x (477.8 / 500) ≈ 8t / h
The maximum flow rate Qmax = 39.7x0.90x (477.8 / 500) ≈ 32t / h

■ Pressure loss
Ⅰfor gas, steam; Ⅱfor liquids
△P = Cxρ / 100
Where: ΔP - pressure loss (Kpa) ρ-density (kg / m³)

■ Ordering instructions
One. User order flow meter to be properly provided nominal diameter, nominal pressure, working pressure, operating temperature, flow range and whether the explosion-proof requirements and types of specific parameters, and in the correct selection.
Two. Order selection should refer to the VA series vortex flowmeter product model mark table detailed fill.
Example: VAS-500-DD1-133-2.5-P1.6
Description: Fixed plug-in vortex flowmeter, the body material for the stainless steel, nominal diameter 500mm, 2-wire 4-20mA output, nominal pressure 1.6Mpa, metering medium for saturated steam, precision 2.5
Three. Special requirements are supplied by agreement.