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VAFTP Integrated Smart Vortex Shedding Flowmeter (with Temperature-Pressure Compensation)

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■Product Introduction
VAFTP vortex shedding flowmeter is a new type of integrated smart vortex shedding flowmeter which is developed upon the ordinary vortex shedding flowmeter. It provides accurate measurement of mass and standard volume flowrates of vapor, gas and liquid. Built-in temperature-pressure compensation function provides customers with brand new one-stop solution to flow measurement. The manufacture and test of VAFTP flowmeter are in strict accordance with the latest national standards GB/T 25922-2010 《Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits - Flowrate measurement by means of vortex shedding flowmeters inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full》 and JJG 1029—2007 《Vortex-shedding Flowmeter Verification Regulation》. Its excellent performance is guaranteed by the domestic leading technology.

VAFTP series vortex shedding flowmeter is in the ordinary vortex flowmeter developed on the basis of a new intelligent integrated vortex flowmeter. Exquisite vortex flowmeter provides accurate steam, gas and liquid standard volume flow and mass flow measurements, built-in temperature and pressure compensation for the user to bring a new one-stop flow measurement solution. The product is strictly in accordance with the latest national standard GB / T25922-2010 "closed pipe fluid flow measurement with a circular cross-section in the pipeline filled with vortex flowmeter flow measurement method" and JJG 1029-2007 "vortex flow Test procedures, "the requirements of production and testing, product performance, product technology has a leading domestic level.

■ How it works
Vortex flowmeter is the application of Carmen vortex principle combined with modern electronic technology design and manufacture of an advanced speed flow meter, the fluid flow through the instrument vortex flow generated in the flow rate is proportional to a certain conditions to meet the formula f = St * v / d (where f is the vortex generation frequency, v is the flow rate, d is the width of the vortex body, and St is the Strohar constant). The fluid vortex column (vortex) produces alternating changes after the triangular column Pressure, through the place where the piezoelectric sensor sensor to detect the electrical signal, the signal converter to enlarge, shaping and filtering, into a standard voltage pulse signal output. The frequency of the pulse signal is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid in the pipe. Built-in high-precision pressure and temperature sensors simultaneously measure the temperature and pressure of the fluid and send the signal into the integrated intelligent totalizer, the integrator of the flow, temperature and pressure signal conversion and through accurate calculation and integration , And thus accurately measure the steam, gas and liquid standard volume flow and mass flow.

■ Product superiority
One. Dual power supply function, both can achieve low power consumption Built-in lithium battery, you can also two-way two-wire power supply and output signal, and also have RS485 communication function.
Two. Built-in temperature and pressure compensation, can directly compensate for real-time density, can be used to measure the saturated steam and superheated steam mass flow.
Three. Pressure, temperature and flow are measured and read, eliminating the need for additional pressure and temperature sensors on the pipe.
Four. INTEGRATED INTELLIGENT INTEGRATION IN STABILIZER ensures stable and reliable measurement with external interference, with the best process reliability.
Five. The over-flow part of the shell with high-quality stainless steel welded structure, with corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure characteristics.
Six. No moving parts, metering chamber maintenance-free, and has a minimum pressure loss.
Seven. With floating point operation and multi-terminal instrument coefficient automatically corrected, and has a fault self-diagnosis and alarm function.
Eight. Large-screen LCD display total volume, flow, temperature, pressure, density and power capacity and other parameters, and has a display function fault alarm.
Nine. With real-time data storage function, to prevent the replacement of the battery or sudden power loss when the data loss, in the power failure state, the internal data can be permanently saved, but also query the large number of historical data.
Ten. Mathematical model of metering steam using the International Water and Steam Society 1997 Industrial Computing Formula (IFPWS-IF97 formula), the cumulative accuracy of high.

■ Applications
A versatile and compact flowmeter for measuring industrial steam, gas, and conductive and nonconductive liquids such as steam (saturated steam, superheated steam), industrial gases (compressed air, Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, exhaust gas), gas (pipeline gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas), conductive and non-conductive liquid (softened water, boiler hot water, inorganic solvent, organic solvent, high temperature heat transfer oil, etc.). Areas of application: chemical industry, petrochemical industry, oil and gas industry, power industry, food and beverage industry, oil refining industry, water treatment industry.

■ Technical parameters
One. Main technical parameters
Specifications Model Nominal diameter(mm) Flow range (m³/h) Nominal K coefficient(P/L)

Pressure Level(MPa)

Accuracy class(±%) Body material Note
Liquid Gas
VAFTP-25 25 0.75~19 10~110 61.84





Liquid 1.0

Gas 1.5

Stainless steel

Gas flow range The range of actual measurement when the medium is measured at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. When the metering density is greater than the air or the steam, the range is wider, and the reaction is smaller for the measurement of the small flow.


VAFTP-32 32 1~26 15~150 35.77
VAFTP-40 40 1.7~43 25~240 16.61
VAFTP-50 50 3~75 40~450 7.936
VAFTP-65 65 4~110 70~720 4.133
VAFTP-80 80 6~160 100~1100 2.383
VAFTP-100 100 11~270 150~1600 1.060
VAFTP-125 125 21~420 270~2780 0.580
VAFTP-150 150 33~610 400~4100 0.330
VAFTP-200 200 68~1000 680~7000 0.142
VAFTP-250 250 106~1600 1000~11000 0.0739
VAFTP-300 300 151~2300 1400~15000 0.043
Two. Applicable medium: low viscosity liquid, general gas, dry saturated steam, superheated steam
Conditions of use: Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃; medium temperature ≤ 300 ℃
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
Three. Explosion-proof grade: Exd ⅡBT4 Protection class: IP65
Four. Installation connection form: flow meter and pipe connection using flange connection
Flange standard: GB / T9116.1-2000 flat, polygonal flat steel pipe flange
Five. Before and after the straight pipe requirements: before the straight pipe ≥ 15DN after the straight pipe ≥ 3-5DN

■ Type Selection
One. Caliber selection can be based on the flow range of Table 1 to determine, if the gas, the design of the gas standard flow rate can be converted into the case of volume flow and then control the selection.
Two. When the flow rate of the steam is not known as the volume flow rate, the density or enthalpy of the steam can be calculated by the IPAWS-97 formula according to the design pressure of the steam, and then converted into volume flow rate, or the saturated vapor density meter Corresponding to the temperature or pressure under the steam density, and then converted into the flow rate of flow conditions, and then check the table 1 can be selected.

■ Outline construction and size
One. The form of the form of structural standards for the integrated structure, split-type structure (integrated display device and the body separately installed) form of agreement to supply, battery-powered low-power and external power supply, can be split-type structure.
Two. Standard type structure The main components: One. The body components   Two. Temperature sensor components   Three. Flow sensor    Four. Total display device     Five. Pressure sensor components     Six. Ball valve       Seven. Pressure condensing tube

Three.  Dimensions (flange pressure rating: PN2.5MPa)

Specifications Model Nominal diameter(mm) L B1 H D K Bolt hole
VAFTP-25 25 200 170 442 115 85 4-φ14
VAFTP-32 32 200 170 455 140 100 4-φ18
VAFTP-40 40 200 170 460 150 110 4-φ18
VAFTP-50 50 200 170 470 165 125 4-φ18
VAFTP-65 65 200 170 490 185 145 8-φ18
VAFTP-80 80 200 170 502 200 160 8-φ18
VAFTP-100 100 250 185 532 235 190 8-φ22
VAFTP-125 125 250 185 545 270 220 8-φ26
VAFTP-150 150 300 200 583 300 250 8-φ26
VAFTP-200 200 300 200 638 360 310 12-φ26
VAFTP-250 250 380 250 713 425 370 12-φ30
VAFTP-300 300 450 250 792 485 430 16-φ30

■ Installation instructions
One. To ensure the accuracy of measurement, the former straight pipe to ensure that more than 15DN, after the straight pipe is greater than 3-5DN.
Two. In order to facilitate maintenance, does not affect the normal delivery of the media, it is recommended to install the bypass pipe.
Three. Flow meter normal level of installation, but also vertical installation or tilt installation at any angle.
Four. To prevent external electromagnetic interference, the flowmeter housing must be reliably grounded, but not grounded with the strong electric system.

■ Ordering tips
One. When ordering the flow meter, please provide the correct parameters such as nominal diameter, nominal pressure, working pressure, working temperature, flow range and explosion proof requirements and type, and correct selection.
Two. Order selection should refer to the intelligent vortex flowmeter product type markings require detailed fill.
Example: VAFTP-100-DD1-133-R1.5-P2.5
Description: The temperature and pressure compensation one vortex flowmeter, the body material for the stainless steel, nominal diameter 100mm, 2-wire 4-20mA output, nominal pressure 2.5MPa
Metering medium for saturated steam, precision class 1.5, RS485 communication.
Three. Special requirements are supplied by agreement.