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EL-9102(9100) Smart Flow Totalizer

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■Product Introduction
EL-9102 series of liquid crystal flow (thermal) totalizer recorder is my company's newly developed electronic instruments for the EL-9100 series flow integrated instrument upgrade version, is a can solve the regional central heating supply and demand trade agreement, boiler Steam measurement and improve the flow measurement accuracy of the design of the product, advanced production technology, the use of multiple protection and isolation design, anti-interference ability, high reliability. Can automatically determine the saturated steam to superheated steam, suitable for steam thermal energy process monitoring, the cumulative cumulative control; at any time by the host computer analysis software to read the process of changing the historical curve or related historical data.

■Product features

One. Can be equipped with a variety of flowmeter, free to choose a variety of flow calculation compensation for the flow of high-precision integration.
Two. With the trade settlement function, you can set a small flow to make up, power out, and traffic payment function, to solve trade and demand trade settlement disputes.
Three. With signal disconnection compensation function, to solve the scene temperature sensor, pressure sensor failure caused by the lack of flow.
Four. With cumulative traffic year, month, day report function, power failure, power record function, to prevent users to stop stealing steam.
Five. With power protection function set parameters and historical data, the use of hardware clock, power can also be accurate after the operation.
Six. Support RS485 remote communication, RS232C serial port printing.

■Main Specifications

input signal Frequency input Analog input

4-20ma,0-10ma,Pt100 and so on

output signal Analog output Communication output Alarm Output Print output
4-20mA,RL<500Ω RS485(RTU) Contact<2A(220V) RS232C
Comprehensive parameters measurement accuracy working environment Working power supply Installation method
0.2%FS±1 word 0~50℃/≤85%RH AC100~240V 卡入式
Display mode and form Record interval and length
Numbers, process curves, bar graphs, Chinese characters Interval of 1 second time 3 days to 4 minutes interval 720 days
Shape and opening Horizontal profile 160x80x110mm;Openings 152x76mm

EL-9102 - with two alarm contacts, with temperature and pressure compensation, can output the corresponding instantaneous
flow of 4-20ma size.
EL-9102A - with two alarm contacts, temperature and pressure compensation, can be RS485 communication.
EL-9102B - with two alarm contacts, temperature and pressure compensation, RS232C communication can be
connected with micro-printer.