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2016 years of fine instrument organization learning staff to carry out outdoor activities

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Jingyi News: April 9-10, the company organized more than 80 members of the learning organization and the company's outstanding staff, went to Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and other places tourism.

"Two embankment flowers all by water, all the way to the mountain until the mountain" is a national scenic spots in Yangzhou business card. Kangxi and Qianlong two emperors are six times south tour to this, appreciation of the scenery here. 4 hours drive will come to Yangzhou, we have not had time to rest tour guide took us to the Slender West Lake area, where a lot of people.

Slender West Lake is located in the northwest of Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, due to the lake slender, called "slender West Lake." Slender West Lake is actually a wide river outside the city of Yangzhou, formerly known as Yang Yang Lake. Slender West Lake is 4.3 km long, the tour area of ​​more than 30 hectares, a long embankment, Xu Park, five pavilion bridge, white tower and other attractions. Lake area using the bridge, island, embankment, shore division, so that the formation of narrow and narrow lake structured, twists and turns landscape landscape. Wu Tingqiao built in the Slender West Lake, like a lake belt. There are five pavilions on the bridge, named Wu Tingqiao. This has a unique bridge, has become a symbol of Yangzhou landscape. Wu Tingqiao is the Qing Dynasty Yangzhou two Huai salt operation in order to meet the Qianlong South Tour, specially invited craftsmen to design and construction. The shape of the bridge is elegant and elegant, yellow watt Zhuzhu, with white railings, kiosk painted algae wells, magnificent, with the characteristics of the South building; and the bridge is a northern architectural features of the thick piers, harmonious north and south architectural art , The combination of garden design and bridge engineering.

Eat lunch we take a break we drove to the Daming Temple, according to the tour guide introduction Daming Temple was originally Jianzhen monk east of Japan before the temple. Most historical monuments have been destroyed for historical reasons. It is now seen that the Daming Temple and its ancillary buildings, the local government in order to protect the historical relics of the re-planning, he was set for Buddhist temples, cultural relics and landscapes in one and enjoyment. Daming Temple is famous at home and abroad, there is a reason is the Tang Dynasty Jianzhen monks have been in the Daming Temple rhetoric place, for this, by the monks and deeds of admiration. Daming Temple's main attractions are: Pingshan Church, rich mountain forest rustic classical garden - West Park, Kam Kam Memorial Hall and other attractions. 1 hour of play soon ended, we drove again came to be known as the "late Qing first park" - He Park.

Walking in the garden, corridor twists and turns, rockery hanging wall, hillside scenery as if people exposure to Yao Lin Wonderland. He Park and Jiangnan Suzhou garden can be described as compared to the feelings of ladylike. It is a good fusion of Western architectural elements, a Chinese garden in the history of a wonderful work! He Park's architectural features and "the best in the world gallery," the reputation of 1500 meters of the complex corridor, constitute a landscape of all directions and the benefits of the United States, in the Chinese garden in the unique, has been the industry experts call the China overpass Of the embryonic form. Play the Ho Park, we began a free exercise, walking in the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, we soon to Yangzhou City ruins to preserve the most complete city gate site - East Gate. East Gate is located in the East Gate, through the magnificent city gate ruins, so that people witnessed the "flames Yangzhou" grand, in the country are relatively rare. Dongguan Street is the most representative of the city of Yangzhou a historic street, a total length of about 500 meters, where the streets are not wide, and we went to last year's Xitang bar, Di compared to the more civilized, lively Zhang Yang, where you can enjoy the local snacks, where you can experience the local customs of Yangzhou folk customs. Eat dinner in the tour guide arrangements we drove 1 hour to Zhenjiang stay.

Due to the day before the fatigue, the next day we o'clock at 8 o'clock and then eat breakfast and embarked on a tourist journey. The first stop is a well-known "water Jinshan Temple". According to legend, "White Snake" in the destruction of white snake and Xu Xian Marriage of the sea is the monk of Jinshan Temple. Legend, the white lady came to ask her husband Xu Xian, France sea refused, the White Lady will cast spells lead to floods, lead to flooding Jinshan. Jinshan Temple Monastery facing the west, built by the mountains, row upon row of trees, pavilions connected, there are main hall, King Hall, Guanying Ge, wonderful high platform, and Jinshan logo building - Cixi tower and other landscape.

The following are the same as the "Cixi tower under the "Zhou Ding, Jinshan map, Tonggu, jade belt" together for the "four treasures", known as the Jinshan Temple town of treasure. Jinshan Temple in the main hall, which is a unique temple of the building, magnificent and solemn, pen and painted but brilliant and impressive. Basilica on the front and rear walls, set with six sandalwood carved round window, lifelike landscape figures, about the Jinshan Temple with the historical figures story. It is worth mentioning that the hall of the four sides of the shed - fifty-six Lohan were high in the shed overlooking the south to the north to the pilgrims visitors, forming its unique style, the whole hall is extraordinary. Play the Jinshan Temple is noon, we eat a simple meal and then drove to Xijin Gudu Street.

Xijin Gudou Street is located in the western foot of the town of Zhenjiang City, about 1000 meters long. It was founded in the Six Dynasties period. After the construction of the five dynasties of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the scale of the present dynasty was left. Therefore, To the historical traces of the Qing Dynasty. Which is the most famous site of the British Consulate in Xijin. Xijin ancient crossing mountain Riverside, scenery Junxiu, Li Bai, Meng Haoran, Wang Anshi, Su Shi, Lu You, Marco Polo and so on in this waiting boat or landing, and left a lot of future generations for the poem. Xijindu Ancient Street has now injected into the connotation of the times, giving the vitality of the times. A long history, numerous monuments, quaint ecology, honest and honest customs, traditional business, everything is glowing a kind of unspeakable vitality.

Short two days time soon passed, with joy, with a tired we embarked on the process of returning home. Two days of the trip although very hard, but finally safe home. This is your expectations, but also my expectations, it is the organizers of the long-cherished wish. (Chen Yanbing)