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Exquisite instrument to carry out "two school one to do" learning and education activities

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  On May 27th, the company held a meeting of all the party members to carry out the "party discipline and discipline, learn a series of speech, do qualified party members" (hereinafter referred to as "two learning a" learning) to mobilize. More than 70 party members attended the meeting. Comrade Zhang Yike, member of the Party Committee of the Company, presided over the meeting. Comrade Zhang Yike, member of the Party Committee, read out the "Implementation Program for Learning and Education" for the party members in the Party Committee, Speak.

  Comrade Yang Jun's speech mainly explains how to carry out the "two school a do", what to learn and what to do, how to do the problem. He said that to carry out the "two schools to do" is the party's mass line education activities, for all party members to deepen the education within the party is another important practical education; is to promote the party education from the "key few" for the broad masses of party members to expand; Is from the centralized education to the regular education extension of the important initiatives. Learning to grasp the "two schools to do a" educational connotation to promote the party building, strict governance of the party, the enterprise "two civilizations" construction has far-reaching significance.

  He stressed that do a good job of "two school one to do" education is to focus on the usual, to prevent "three days fishing two days drying net", but also to put an end to exposing cold; the second is to do a good job " Education is expensive to be serious, to adhere to the above rate, words and deeds consistent; third is to do a good job, "two learn a" education, root in the details. Usually from the little things to start, pay attention to work bit by bit, real life details, in order to grasp the right direction in the big. He asked to carry out the "two school a do" education, based on learning, the key to do. He hoped that the party branches and all the party members should take the problem, to grasp the foundation of learning, always, always control the party rules and regulations, regulate their own words and deeds, the real requirements of the party to implement their own work, To the actual action to go through the "two schools to do a" to solve part of the Party party party consciousness weakened, the concept of the concept of weak, organizational discipline and other issues, and guide party members and cadres consciously strengthen the ideals and beliefs, enhance political awareness, the overall consciousness, And to meet the sense of consciousness; through the "two learn a", will learn the knowledge applied to work and life to; to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, play an exemplary role, the courage to think, the courage to explore, Development offer advice and suggestions, to be a qualified Communist Party members. (Chen Yanbing)