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CNG Gas Dispenser

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NJQ type compressed natural gas filling machine

■Product Introduction
Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling machine is mainly used for NGV (natural gas car) filling. It has a single / dual gun structure, two gun-type filling machine contains two sets of systems, compact structure, two refueling each other does not affect. This product to meet the "overall explosion-proof" requirements, in line with GB3836-2000 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres" standard of the relevant provisions. Explosion - proof mark Exmdib ⅡAT4. Explosion proof certificate number: CNEx102018x

■ Product labeling


■ Main technical parameters

One. Single gun maximum flow: 40 Nm3 / min
Two. Measurement accuracy level: 0.5 level
Three. Design pressure: 27.5Mpa
Four. Rated pressure: 20MPa
Five. Ambient temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Six. Relative humidity: 15 ~ 95%
Seven. Power supply: 220V ± 15% AC, 50 ± 1Hz
Eight. Unit of measure: yuan / Nm3 (standard cubic meter)
Nine. Minimum reading scale: 0.01
Ten. Single counting range: 0 ~ 9999.99
Eleven. Accumulated count: 0 ~ 99999999.99
Twelve. Unit price setting range: 0 ~ 99.99
Thirteen. Network communication port: RS485
Forteen. Glowing gun nozzle: quick change connector plug-in gun
Fifteen. Explosion-proof mark: Exdmeib II AT4

  The main function

One.) automatic control of the filling process, in the process of inflatable double-sided automatic display of gas, the amount of gas and unit price (display with luminous);
Two.) three-line pressure automatically switch to ensure that the three bottles of accurate and reasonable gas;
Three.) inflatable filling gas pricing display: "gas", "unit price of one yuan / m3", "the amount of one yuan", and with a pressure gauge to show pressure;
Four.) with power down data protection, showing the current heating data;
Five.) large capacity storage, can query no less than 12000 times the filling data;
Six.) monitoring system: to monitor the heating process of temperature, pressure and flow, control the speed of inflation, when the pressure, flow exceeds the standard when the automatic valve protection;
Seven.) aerated control system: the gas cylinder group to get gas control to ensure the maximum inflatable flow;
Eight.) built-in import clock system, after the power is still accurate and reliable timing;
Nine.) pressure protection function: when the filling pressure exceeds the national pressure value, automatically stop filling;
Ten.) can always query the total cumulative amount;
Eleven.) with a fixed amount of gas, the amount of pre-set up the gas function;
Twelve.) Adjustable three-line refueling pressure and flow rate and gas density;
Thirteen.) configuration pull off valve (pull off the valve pull force: ≤ 400N), the entrance ball valve;
Fourteen.) can check each filling data, and filling time;
Can check the cumulative amount of gas, the amount of total accumulated gas, the total accumulated amount;
Fifteen.) with automatic detection fault function, can automatically display the fault code;
Sixteen.) in the inflatable process can directly display the pressure, and the filling pressure can be adjusted to ensure rapid filling;
Seventeen.) aerated hose with pull off protection;
Eighteen.) with pressure relief and sewage function; with on-line cleaning filter function, without removing the filter;
Nineteen.) with manual emergency shut-off valve;
Twenty.) no traffic signal, automatic shutdown, to protect the interests of owners;
Twenty-one.) with RS485 communication, with the gas station computer management system communication;
Twenty-two.) with a small ticket printing function;
Twenty-three.) with all the features of IC card filling machine, filling machine to obtain national explosion-proof certification;
Twenty-four.) IC card machine linkage filling machine, the use of advanced algorithms to generate management IC card key;
To ensure that the IC card user data security;
Twenty-five.) mass flow meter: optional import or domestic quality flowmeter and with a temperature sensor to compensate;
Twenty-six.) Optional metal press the keyboard;
Twenty-seven.) all parameters using a password access, enter the correct password to modify the relevant equipment information;
Twenty-eight.) Alpine areas can be installed on the electronic equipment insulation device;
Twenty-nine.) has a cylinder expiration prompt function;


Install the base graph





                                  Compressed natural gas filling machine foundation map               


Machine size: length × width × height = 900 × 520 × 1850 (2080) mm
Weight: double gun filling machine about 248 Kg.